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Actuarial Recruitment Requires the Services of a Specialist Recruiter

There are a variety of companies in the market place doing actuarial recruitment. However, finding the right professional for the right position – and vice versa – is not only a daunting task but of crucial importance to the wellbeing of firms, because of the financial responsibilities attached to actuarial positions.

What is required from the recruitment company is expert knowledge over the whole spectrum of actuarial positions; and preferably at international level.

Loyalty to clients is also of the utmost importance – it would do little good to find a client the right person to fill one actuarial position, while poaching other staff members for competition firms.

How does one find an actuarial recruitment firm that will get under the skin of your company to establish what you REALLY want and need, and who will deliver exactly how and what you require?

We have built a reputation of loyalty and service over the past nine years in South Africa and cover all areas of Actuarial recruitment including Life, Pensions, Short Term Insurance, Healthcare, Employee Benefits, Investments, as well as less traditional role.

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Head of Valuations

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Specialism: Life

Location: Johannesburg

4+ Years Experience

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Specialism: General

Location: Johannesburg

8+ Years Experience

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Specialism: General

Location: Cape Town

6+ Years Experience

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